Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy First (Month) Birthday Tristan!

Well, to say that we are in survival mode is an understatement. The newborn honeymoon is way over and my sleepy baby is now WIDE AWAKE all the time, and the culprit is our good and familiar friend - Mr. Reflux. He was a friend to Micah and a friend to Caelan. Unfortunately.

Poor Tristan is uncomfortable all the time, fussy at nursing, hiccups violently after every feed, and has explosive mucous diapers. This has been very very hard for me the last five nights of having about 3 total hours sleep each night. I'm not good to anyone, not to my two kids and not to my husband when I don't have relief. We are going to need to do something different. And soon.

Here's the only way we can get our baby to sleep.

The good news is that one month has flown by. And baby Tristan has had many firsts that are wonderful milestones....

First Bath

First time at the Beach
Memorial Day/Dewey Beach

First upside-down trio picture

First time on a date . That's a milestone for us probably, not him.
We got out for some yummy sushi within the first two weeks!

First time umbilical cord fell off

Let's hope the next month of nights fly by quickly. We're headed to the doctor on Thursday for some Zantac to help control the pain. And with much prayer, he'll hopefully be this baby:

Tired Tristan. Wouldn't that be a blessing?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tristan's Birth Story

True to my word, I wanted to record his birth story!! Tristan Lucas Ring was born on 12:29 AM on Thursday April 28th, several hours later than I predicted. My technical due date was May 13th at 40 weeks, but I delivered both Micah and Caelan at 38 weeks and I knew by the size of my belly that Tristan would fall right in line , and I actually predicted April 27th. No one believed me, and it's nice to be vindicated!

I was scheduled to go on my routine doctor's appointment that Wednesday at 4:00. After having a contraction on the table and being about 4 cm dilated, the doctor was uncomfortable with sending me home. It was a good call on her part! By the time I checked into the hospital around 6 p.m., I was already 5 minutes apart, 5 cm dilated and experiencing some serious pain at a level 6 already. They checked me in right away and sent for an anesthesiologist, otherwise known as the "most awesome man in the world." I didn't want to miss the window of the epidural!

Shortly after, the doctor came in and broke my water and put me on pitocin. Everything was going pretty steady from there. This time, I received a spinal tap ( good for about 2-3 hours of pain, and manages a pain level of 4) so I actually felt quite a bit through each contraction. It took 6 hours (a lot longer than I thought) to get to transition, which when I got to about 9 cm, I started violently shaking and feeling the need to vomit. That never happened before. By midnight, I was 10 cm dilated and ready to push. It was then the shaking stopped. Patrick was a great coach, and so incredibly comforting to me.

Another interesting note - the doctor actually fell asleep waiting for me to get to transition and had to be awakened at midnight so that was a bit odd because she seemed tired and lifeless, and no one in the room (there was like 7 people just watching me in the room) spoke between contractions, only instructional words when I needed to push and I felt like saying, "This is awkward, could someone strike up a conversation!@#"

When it was time to push, another thing happened. I felt like I couldn't breathe. It was hard to push, and I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, and I couldn't seem to catch my breath. Unlike the other two deliveries, I definitely felt him crowning and the pain level was intense. One of the doulas in training came to help with pushing my legs back for the final pushes and 25 minutes later, Tristan made his grand entrance into the world. It seemed much more of an accomplishment when the labor was more difficult. Patrick was pretty proud of me.

When he did come out, I could breathe again and he was immediately placed on my chest. Nothing could ever prepare you for that moment of awe and this amazing love that just covers any pain you've had. Nothing mattered, but this new little life. He was healthy and such an awesome gift! I did happen to ask the doctor if indeed he was a boy. Everyone laughed. Not sure why. Hello, I just had to be sure!

He came in at 8 lbs 4 ozs and it occurred to me then why it was so much harder. This kid was a whole pound heavier than my other two! And he came looking so much like Caelan!

Caelan born at 7 lb 4 ozs.

Tristan at 8 lbs. 4 ozs.

No fainting like I did with Micah, and no vomiting right after delivery like Caelan, but I definitely had more pain with this one than the two combined. But it was all worth it. I'm just grateful that I don't live in a third world, wow. Mommy and Tristan bonded together nursing for the next hour and it was a great start. Welcome to the world, baby Tristan. We have been so excited to meet you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brotherly Love

Hands down, this has to the be the
cutest three brothers you've ever seen.

Whoever agrees, raise your hand!

Uh huh.

They got their baby brother trained.
Baby Tristan is loving his big brothers.
And his mommy's milk. Look at my cheeky - chunker :)

Uncle Ya and Auntie Ivey
came down from New York
to see their new nephew.

They agree. He's a big baby.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tristan's First Pics

I'll have to record his Birth Story, as I was faithful to do it with his brothers, but first --- must make sure I document his first pictures.

For some reason, the pictures aren't posting that I can do for now. There's a gazillion more, but will start with those. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Brothers Meet

There comes that moment where you don't know how things will go. Will they resent another family or will they love him? They were so excited!! (This is only part of the video unfortunately that I was able to download.....)

And this is all I can post for now. Sleep deprivation and around-the-clock nursing has commenced. The good news is that it's soooo much better the first night out of the hospital than either with Micah and Caelan. The Lord continues to deliver me through faithful prayers!