Tuesday, August 27, 2013

50th Anniversary-Washboard Museum, Hiking & Hot Air Balloons

On the last day, we spent the morning at the World's LARGEST washboard museum.  Yes, you heard me: thee Largest washboard.

Who else can say they stood underneath the LARGEST washboard? :)  It was pretty fun and interesting.  And noisy.  Did you know washboards are for making music, too?  There's an annual washboard festival with washboard musicians!

Later that day, the family (minus Tristan who napped for 3 hours!) went on a hike.  
Patrick said they explored a lot of cool caves.


As a close for the evening and for the trip, the parents were surprised with an Anniversary cake and gifts.  The family really enjoyed spending time looking at the quilt with 50 years of memories and a huge photo album filled with each child contributing stories and captions of their memories.

Lots of tears....

One of the neatest things I thought was at the end of the night...each grandchild and all the children and their spouses got to say a little something to the parents.  It was truly a testament to see this couple who clearly love each other STILL after 50 years and to the ministry they are to the world around them, representing Christ (the husband) and the Church (the bride).  Truly, Patrick and I have something to aspire to!

and as a thank you,we lifted up our gratitude to the heavens.....

We lit up the night sky with these.  Great job to Patrick and his sisters who orchestrated a fun week filled with activities and themes.  The parents truly felt loved and celebrated.  

50th Anniversary - Game Night, Canoes, Go-Karts & Family Portraits

One night they planned Family Game Night.  Playing games---specifically Mahjong and Acquire---were a part of the Ring family traditions growing up.  It turns out Kristen was like the Twister Champion of the family.  After several rounds, I am proud to say that Patrick was the twistiest of the night!  Way to go, honey.

Micah was super-flexible, too!

Two games of mahjong for the kids were going on at each end of the long table!


Earlier that day, we used more of our muscles...... to paddle all our canoes!  That was my first time canoeing and I thought it would be hard for Tristan, but for the most part, he sat there and stared out into the water!  It was like a 2 hour ride down the river.

We ended the day doing some miniature golf and go-karts. Caelan really enjoyed the double Go-Kart and kept yelling to his dad, "Faster, daddy!"

Fun things planned for the family and a lot to coordinate, including what to wear for our family portrait.  Our professional pictures should be up soon, but to give you a sneak preview of our colors....we went with a yellow.....



...and navy and orange theme.  With some bits of green and gray in there, too!

The photographer let us see the shots of our (Patrick's) family, and they looked really really good.  You just might be getting some on your Christmas card!

One more post......

50th Anniversary - Campfire, Luau and Pooltime

The week was wonderfully planned by the four siblings who spent time on conference calls pre-planning activities, dinners, and even what to wear for our big family portrait!  One night we did a Campfire and roasted yummy smores and bananas.

....this was followed by a time of giving praise to the One who provides all of this for us.  
A time of worship led by yours truly! 

The kids did the motions to "Jesus Loves Me"....so precious!

One theme night was a Luau, commemorating the wonderful Ring family vacation to Hawaii.  It was a special to hear about all their childhood memories on vacation.

All the stops were pulled out including leis, Hawaiian shirts, pineapple drinks, Hawaiian music, hula dancing and even limbo contests!


There was a canoeing, hiking and much more...but a lot of our time was spent everyday in the pool where uncles cannon-balled....

...and nephews were tossed around like bean bags!

....the adults had evening time in the hot tub, but the kids had a chance (just once)
 to relax their muscles, too!  

50th Anniversary Celebration - Logan, Ohio

What a tribute.  Patrick's parents were married 50 years ago.  Does that not blow anyone's minds?  That's so rare these days to see this.  Here's to fifty year of memories!

Instead of an anniversary party, they requested that the family celebrate together for a week's vacation, like we did in Branson, Missouri a few years ago.  With five families and 11 grandchildren to consider, the search led us to a central location in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

 Where all twenty-one family members could sit around a table for meals.

The house had some fun outdoor amenities such as a pool and fire pit, and a lot of green space!


Each day was planned with a celebratory activity.   Will update in my next post...might take a few posts!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breezy Point & Calvert Cliffs

Unfortunately, our long weekend trip got canceled to Virginia Beach as one of the cousins came down with a virus.  We were all packed and ready to go so we decided to redeem the time by heading again to our "go to" spot - Chesapeake Beach.  We convinced grandma to go and she had a blast!

We stayed overnight and headed out the next day to Calvert Cliff State Park where you get to do a 1.8 mile nature hike to the beach and dig for shark teeth.  Caelan has his shovel ready!

We saw so many beautiful things a long the way.

My mom kept saying as we turned a corner and saw something else lovely----"It's like we're in Cambodia!" :)

I couldn't believe how well the kids did on the long hike.  Alas, we finally made it to the cliffs!

Everyone found (or was graciously given by other friends we met on the beach) a shark tooth fossil.  They were actually really hard to find.  Daddy was determined!

It was getting to be nap time so Tristan fell asleep on daddy (we wrapped him in our picnic blanket and tied him to Patrick) and amazing daddy walked him another 1.8 miles back while he slept.  That's one devoted daddy.  I was so proud of my mom and the other two boys who walked almost 4 miles!  Next time we go, we are bringing mountain bikes!!!