Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Julie, my co-cruise director and neighborhood event planner, and I organized our 2nd Blocktoberfest this year.  It was a success!  With the leaves changing and the colder weather coming, we had all the makings of a good time.

First ingredient was kids who loved to play with each other....

Add two crockpots of chili, cornbread and all the fixin's for the adults, and crockpot of hotdogs for the kids.  And wait!  You can't forget tons of yummy Autumn Octoberfest beer.  We had a beer tasting! 

 The kids wrapped up in blankets and chairs and watched an outdoor movie...

And the moms of Graham Cove got a chance to hang out!

Afterwards, we roasted smores with our fire pit.  See Patrick?  For $40 from Home Depot, that thing has paid itself off numerous times already!

Everyone brought food or beer or something, and it was a truly a neighborhood celebration.  We're already talking about Halloween party....so grateful that we're building community on our street.  This is a wonderful place to live and I'm so grateful to God that He lead us here to this street!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Caelan turns FIVE!

Really, I'm dumbfounded.  How could he be five already?  I have etched in my memory of these moments of him STILL as a teenie baby I brought home from the hospital....wow!

This was my little glowbug...

First Smile

6 months...big boy is sitting up....


1st Birthday


2nd Birthday

2 and 1/2 birthday

2 1/2 year older than his baby brother...love of bugs started at age 3 (see T-shirt)


...and it kept going strong at age 4

and wow...could we have reached this milestone already?  Flew by folks!

We celebrated with our neighborhood friends (who are his closest friends since he plays with them every single day) at Pump it up.  It was a small gathering of his favorite people.

He is just having the best time.  Ever.

And I have to say it's hands down the easiest party ever.  
They did everything.

They even provided massages. :)

Caelan, we are so proud of you and the little man you've become.  Happy 5th birthday!  Your parents, Micah and Caelan love you so so so much.