Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best of July -- Summer Fun!

This has to be the fastest summer I can remember. I didn't even blog once in July.  We hosted a big fourth of July shindig and I didn't even take one picture.  Wow!  Time does fly when you are having fun.  Our fast-flying summer happens several times a week at the pool.  It's our best laziest days.

Katelin, our college sitter for the last three summers, has been a tremendous help while I finish up some of my interior design clients.  So grateful for her!

I just came back from our Ladies Shepherd Group retreat and it was awesome in every way.  I mean that. 

Our Shepherd group also got together at Wolftrap on the lawn.  It was fun, but you can see why it was such an adventure:

About three weeks ago Scott and Susan adventured out with us for a getaway weekend.  It was their first sans kiddoes!  We went to Solomons Island and it was so nice to recharge!

and we renewed our vows at a beautiful vineyard...heh. :)

Several families got together at the Grande farm and had a fun family day which featured their homemade slip-n-slide.  The kids have outnumbered us as every family had three kids! 

My dear friend Karen treated me to a LOVELY morning out and it was a very nice time having brunch at Il Fornaio.  This is what I got!  Have you ever had pancakes where you could taste each ingredient?  It was that good and fresh!

With three boys HOME ALL DAY this summer, we have to be a little more creative and reduce our TV time.  It's fun to see them get into games this summer.  They just pull it out and start playing each other.  

 Mommy gets to play, too.  Remember those gals from my marriage study?  Well, we are FAMILY.  Um, I've got all my sisters and me. :-)   It's my TRAGIC version.

Our Shepherd group ended this past Thursday for the year and we'll pick up again in mid September.  It has been such a privilege to be leading this group.  I've learned so much about myself!  Before we broke, the group served a friend at our church by helping her pack up her entire house!

I'm glad I didn't forget to blog at least once in July.  It helps me to remember and give thanks. Building friendships and being intentional about our summer days -- it makes me so thankful for soooo much!