Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Changing Tables

So, it's our 8 year anniversary today and I thought I'd blog about what Patrick said to me this morning:

Patrick: "Happy Anniversary babe......wow...

8 years later....
3 houses....
3 kids....
3 cars....
5 couches....
6 dining tables.....
and just one grill...."
...and he just kept going on!

"Who was that girl walking down
the aisle? I hardly knew her."

"And when we went away on our honeymoon together
...that was strange...."

"It was weird. So new. So foreign.
Waking up next to you and going who is this girl??"

....but then he said....

"And now I know everything about you. And I love you more today than yesterday. I thank God for you. "
Soryda: (thinking) Awe....
"Eight years and our marriage is just getting better every day."
(Of course I am teary-eyed at this point.)

But I couldn't help thinking that it was actually 7 dining tables, not 6. Our first one was a cardboard box!

(my first dinner I ever made for my new husband)

It's probably a good analogy that the tables keep changing on us and.... we've changed and gotten better because of it. There's a deep contentment that only comes from knowing we continue to work on our marriage and every day, honestly, is better than the last. Happy Anniversary, my love! I love being married to you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Goodbye Reeds

Once in a while, you meet some fabulous people that you just have to let others know about.
Meet the Reeds. They are a lovely couple that we got to know this last year in our Couples Bible Study. It was a privilege every week to come together and do life with them. They are leaving us this weekend....so sad....

It seemed as if every week something that would come out of Mike or Kristin's mouth was EXACTLY what Patrick and I needed to hear. I would go back that next week and find myself thinking about what they said and it would encourage my heart. We were just so grateful that we could know them and that they call us friend.

Mike is the youth Pastor at McLean Bible, and Kristin, well, she might as well be on staff, as she is alongside him helping him in this amazing ministry. "The Rock" (for high-schoolers) has grown so much in their four years of service. God has been faithful! They are leaving MBC because they feel God's leading in another direction. They are now TAKING THE GOSPEL NORTH as they are church-planting. If you're interested, they have a blog and website (click words) to find out their latest adventures. And if you feel God's leading, you can support them financially.

Mike and Kristin, what a joy it has been to know you and your heart. What a radical leap of faith you are taking to serve Him in the northeast. We are praying for you and feel so honored that we can be a part of this journey you take. We will MISS you very much!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Children after Four Months

A lot of people ask me, "What's it like with three?"

The transition has definitely been harder than it was from one to two. Surprisingly. Mainly, it's because Patrick and I are outnumbered and when he's gone during the week----to try and nap an infant while a toddler is begging for a snack and a preschooler is vying for attention---it's enough to pull my hair out.

But, on most days, I'll have moments of just pure gratefulness that I get to be these three little boy's mom. One of my greatest fears is that I will lose this perspective. It is by far, hands down, the greatest thing I ever did was to choose to stay home and invest in these little men.

Instead of screaming, "I want juice!", I celebrate a victory when little Caelan calmly says, "Mommy, may I have some juice, please?" And Micah....he cracks me up with his jokes. The jokes themselves are way not funny, but the way he lights up and laughs incessantly as he's telling them brings such delight to me. And my baby boy...could God have created a better smell than an infant? It's heady enough to get you through a difficult day, which I imagine, was His purpose in it all along.

I would say the greatest challenge is staying consistent in discipline while you're sleep deprived and your other children know that you are focused on other things like nursing or spending time napping a baby. They are generally very well behaved, but I find the peak time-out/spanking episodes is usually after I nurse. It's like Micah or Caelan know they can be naughty! The other part of that challenge is to not lose your cool and get angry, especially at little people who are doing what they were created to do -- test the limits!

Good news! At four months with a newborn, things ARE getting better. Hallelujah!

Little Tristan is getting over his reflux although he is still spit-up city, he doesn't have the pain cries associated with the esophagus. He and I average about 2 clothes changes a day. I'm okay with this because the pain is gone and I much prefer a laundry issue! We're also starting to give him rice cereal and as you can tell, Mikey likes it!

Praise God, Tristan sleeps. I got him on 4 naps a day and the nights went down to just one feed. It also helped that at his four month birthday, we Ferberized him by letting him "cry it out". We struggled with him being so young, but boy are we ever glad we did. The worst six minutes of a mommy's life leads to six hours of mommy rest. Irreplaceable and so worth the effort. And for those new moms who read this, believe me -- they aren't mad at you in the morning. They are cooing and happy because they are rested!

Rested baby = Happy baby. Here he is below smiling with future wife, Anna Trexel. Remember the Trexels who I helped plan their wedding? Here is their joy and delight a year later.

That red hair is out of control cute. Well, that's the update for now. More thoughts later on the world of raising three boys....