Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Burke Lake Park

Another fun thing to do this summer is head to Burke Lake Park, in Burke, Virginia. If you can take the kids during the weekday, you will avoid the weekend crowds. The park is large, so you'll want to head to the area of the putt putt golf, where you can do a lot of things with your toddlers.

You can take your kids on a nature walk by the water. There is a great playground to start off your morning.

After the playground, take a ride on their train that runs through the woods of the park. Caelan was in awe of this train. He sat quietly, like a big boy, staring out and enjoying the scenic ride. For kids 3 and up & adults, the tickets were $2.25 each. Please note that when you pass through the tunnel, be prepared to hear the organized screaming of toddlers. I don't know how they all got the memo, but they do it right on cue!

Next stop: A ride on the carousel! Tickets were the same price. Even though Caelan is free, as an adult, if you are "on" the ride with your child, you need a ticket as well.

When all the excitement is over, you can head to their air-conditioned icecream parlor, and have a nice lunch. You can bring your own food and eat it there, or you can purchase hot dogs and popcorn. And of course, icecream cones! The food prices are very reasonable ($2 per hot dog and $2 for one scoop of icecream.) You can also find an outdoor picnic table with a view of the lake to enjoy.

One thing Patrick and I want to do eventually is take the kids to an Amusement Park. We love rides, and we hope they do too. But for $60 per person admission to either Kings Dominion, or Busch Gardens, at their age, the kids would not enjoy it as much as something like this. Total cost for two kids including lunch is under $20. Can't beat that!


jessel said...

Thanks for the tips on things to do this summer! You'll have to check out and blog on these at some point if you get the chance:
1) New - Volcano Island (waterpark for toddlers & kids) at Algonkian Park.
2) Great Country Farms - we are now members and go picking fresh produce almost every week, i think $8/adults to visit (nice in spring and fall when weather is not steaming hot).
3) Dutch Wonderland in PA - amusement park created for kids, 8 and under. A lot of toddler rides and so much fun! We are going next weekend with the kiddos!!

mom2boyz said...

I will add my two cents...Great Country Farms is Awesome as is Dutch Wonderland AND not to far from that is the Strasburg Railroad (since Caelan seems so into trains) where you get to ride a real live Steam engine--our boys LOVED it! and you can get combo tickets (FYI) and I'm going to have to check out this volcano island! Sounds fun!

The Rings said...

definitely looking forward to doing Dutch Wonderland..will post blog about that...love Great Country Farms although strawberry picking was way too much hard work...and will see about Downpour..there's a new one in Leesburg that just opened up too. I think the kids are too little for the water slides, but maybe adults can accompany them?

Michelle said...

Let me know when you might be thinking about going to Dutch Vunderland cuz I have been thinking about that and would love to take the fam for a weekend trip.