Monday, January 27, 2014

A Beloved Uncle

This has been a tough two weeks for my family.  On Monday January 13th, we found that my Uncle, Kimsan Seng, suddenly died of a heart attack. 

You always hear about people who get those crazy phone calls of a loved one who just up and dies, but you never think that it would happen to you. 

It's still hard to believe he's not here.  After a full week of preparations, and another week of Buddhist ceremonies, family and friends from all over the country came, and have now gone home.  I felt very led to be with my aunt, to love her especially when she's alone and so I spent Saturday night over there. We just ate together and watched a movie, and fell asleep.  I wanted her to know that she's not alone, and that God cares for not only her as my aunt, but that He deeply cares for the widows, too. 

There's a lot to sort through and a lot of questions to ask after this.  What in the world do you start doing after your husband of 35 years dies? Well, my mom knows and she is also there to give her true comfort.

For me, I suppose I'll continue to just grieve.  I actually couldn't remember a time in my life when he wasn't there.  Some of my earliest memories...he was in them.   He was a wonderfully loving and funny uncle.  He will be greatly missed!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Best of 2013: Year of Milestone Celebrations, Ministry Calling & Mini Getaways!

We celebrated a birthday of a lovely friend, which oddly it's a year later, today.  Victoria and I have known each other for just a few short years, but our friendship has done what most friendships take years and years to do - deepen with trust.  I'm grateful for her!  Nice photo bomb, Gene.

We kicked-started our year of mini-trips and getaways.  This one was to Rocky Gap State Resort. Who said you can't get away in the cold?  We learned the art of high-speed, low drag vacationing.

We took our first camping trip (okay it was in a cabin, but still!) and we also went to Lancaster, PA to see trains and the Amish and play in the hotel indoor waterpark.


We celebrated our youngest's 2nd birthday and Patrick and I also had a mini getaway to St. Michael's Harbour Inn & Spa.

My milestone birthday and it was everything I would have wanted in a celebration. Also, my Cambodian gal pals went away for a girl's spa weekend!

We kicked off our summer at the pool where Micah learned to dive.  Caelan learned to ride a bike, and Tristan got stung by a jellyfish.  We had a summer getaway to Chesapeake Beach and Solomon's Island.

We celebrated dear friend Karen's milestone birthday and boy was she surprised!  I also started some design projects this summer.  So much fun!



Looking forward to posting my other design work.  Julie was really happy with the elegant beach and nautical theme.  We did everything from new paint, drapes, bedding, furniture and lighting.  So fun!

We took a family vacation to Ohio to celebrate Patrick's parents 50th anniversary.   We also got a chance to go my dear friend, Ann's wedding in Richmond.  We also started our second round of Insanity!

It was a big month as Patrick kicked off a 20+ person Shepherd group and I started serving on the Servants Team for Mom's Connection.  Too many ministry events were going on that we postponed our big 10 year anniversary trip and opted for a smaller one to Cape May, where Patrick proposed.

The fall usually has fun events in our neighborhood such as Octoberfest, our Halloween Parade, and our house got a new roof and a new shade of blue.  We also did a Pump it Up Birthday for son #2's fifth birthday.


We had a wonderful time of giving thanks with our Shepherd group, and also gave thanks for son #1 who turned 7 this year.  Micah was chosen to be Squanto's friend in the Thanksgiving play, and a had a few lines.

We wrapped up the year with the 2nd annual neighborhood Christmas party at our house, and the boys had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (their words) as the boys got a wii (thank you Brian and Natalie for this generous gift!) We celebrated Patrick's birthday in an overnight trip into the city.  We  spent New Year's out and about which was a treat for us!

We're grateful as we look back at 2013, and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for next year!
Also to hit news in 2013: Boston Marathon Bombings, NSA Leaks-Snowden, Obamacare sucks, Pope St. Francis Assisi is rocking Catholicism, A Royal Birth: Prince George!, and let's see...North Korean missile threats.