Saturday, January 23, 2010

Funny Fun Day

Micah is comic relief. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't say something funny. One winter family fun day, we decided to go to one of their favorite places - Dulles Town Center Mall. It's easy to see why they enjoy it so much.

The morning started off with making pancakes with dad.
Dad makes the BEST pancakes, ever.

And then kick-starting our fun day
at Airplane Park, an indoor cushion-like airport
just for kids under 42" inches.

And Caelan masters the slide all by himself. Repeatedly.

They pretend to be air traffic controllers.

And after a yummy lunch at the Food Court,
they get Ben & Jerry's Icecream.

And we usually ride the carousel.
But naptime was approaching.
Micah wasn't that happy we didn't ride the carousel.
But, we had limited time, so we headed for the trains instead.

Smiles from mall-shoppers as Caelan waved to all...

So the culmination of the day was the funny part. The conversation went like this:
Mommy: (in my cheery mommy voice) Micah, wasn't today fun? Daddy made us breakfast....we played at airplane park....we ate ice cream....we rode trains...and...
Micah: (interrupting, in same exact cheery mommy voice) And we didn't ride the carousel....

Oh my gosh. Patrick and I just looked at each and started busting out laughing. You had to be there. When did our little guy learn sarcasm?? He's so funny and clever!

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Sam, Adrianna, Zoe, and Penny said...

I don't know whether to thank you or be mad at you for all those pictures of my favorite hang out spot that I can't visit anymore! But I do appreciate the chuckle at the end, Micah!