Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Fridays

The coolest thing to tell you--starting January 4th, Patrick's office at Northrop Grumman went to a 9-80 work week which means in a two week pay period, he works one extra hour every day and then gets every other Friday off! There are pro's and con's to this, but a pro is that we spent our first Friday off having fun while everyone else was working. :)

We headed to the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum.
Micah loves planes, McDonalds and movies so we put his favorites together for a very fun day.

We went to outerspace.

And saw real planes take off from
Dulles Airport from a control tower.

And then watched an IMAX film TO FLY. The incredible Imax 5-story screen and 20,000 watts of sound took us on a journey few pilots have experienced. To Fly! was the Museum's first and most popular Imax film. It cost us $7.50 for Micah, but worth every penny to see his jaw drop half a dozen times.

And of course, they were racing each other to get to
McDonalds located inside, right next to the museum-store.

New to my 2010 blog is a link (on right side bar) for families looking to do kid-friendly things in the Loudoun County area. For anyone looking for something fun to do in the winter time, this is a great option! One thing to note is that while admission is free, parking is a whopping $15. You can get free tours, and also just pack a lunch to save money!

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Meghan said...

That will be really fun to have those days together- especially if you want to do little weekend trips!