Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Branson, Part II

5. Not only did they get to see butterflies, they also saw dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Museum! Um, it looks like it-- but it's not. Uncle Everett was not on exhibit!

5. They got to celebrate grandma's birthday! What a wonderful celebration to be able to do this with all your grand kids.

3. If you're in Branson, a show is a must-see. Micah now wants to grow up and be a Chinese Acrobat.

2. Even though Silver Dollar City, the major theme park, was closed, they still got to go to a water park!

And...the number one reason they really enjoyed their vacation: Cousin Time! Can you imagine what it's like to get up every morning and run upstairs and play for hours on end with your cousins? Catch bugs, roast marshmallows, do crafts? Our two boys couldn't have been more excited. Early in the morning, I would hear Micah talking to Braden and Trevor and everyone would just giggle...get quiet...giggle. It was very endearing.

Hopefully, the clan will move their vacation destinations closer to Virginia (which may be a strong possibility) so we can do this all again very soon!

Family Vacation Branson, Part 1

The entire family (Patrick's side) vacationed in Branson, Missouri. I've never heard of Branson before, but I'm sure to have fond memories if anyone mentions the name again. It is sort of meets the Vegas strip at.... Lake Anna. You have to go there to understand what I mean. We had a wonderful trip and here are the Ring Boy's TOP TEN LIST to show you the highlights.

10. The boys got to meet Batman! Tristan stars as Austin Power's Mini-me. Just kidding, we went to a Wax Museum and they loved seeing Batman so life-like. King Kong was a hit, too.

9. They got to see crazy attractions on our road trip to and from, and experience other roadside attractions from Auntie Heather and Auntie Meghan who texted us their photos along the way.

Real, steel, fire-breathing dragon.

World's Largest Rocking Chair

Uncle Eric and the World's Largest Indian

Aunt Meghan and the World's Largest Morel Mushroom

8. They got to explore butterflies, feed fish in a fish hatchery, and see rainforest cockroaches up close and personal.

7. They had time with their aunts and grandparents.

6. They served the homeless in Branson by helping prepare 500 meals for them. Patrick and I decided every vacation was also going to be an opportunity to serve the local area, sort of like a vacation with a purpose. Micah was so stoked to help stuff the bags with Uncle Eric.

5. They get to meet their cousin Fiona for the first time.

Wow, is she ever cute. There's more great pics from Branson's Top Five List on Part II.....stay tuned!

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Bikes!

What a historical moment in my kid's lives -- they each got a new bike!

Micah got a Cars Bike and Caelan chose "AA", otherwise known as Buzz Light Year.

You know, I didn't get a bike until I was 12, and it was a second hand bike at that. The privileges my children have! We're thankful we can purchase these new and I'm looking forward to the day Patrick teaches them to ride without the training wheels.