Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 10 Stylish but Affordable Pink Baby Shower Ideas

Finally, I get to throw a pink shower!  I didn't get a chance to take as many pictures as I'd like, so I wanted to just feature a few design ideas that were so super simple, bang-for-your-buck ideas to share:

1.  Fresh flowers $10.  I try to find two pink varying flowers to design a custom florist arrangement.  I shoot for simple and elegant.  In this case it was roses and astromeria.  The astromeria are cheap, abundant and last 2 weeks.  Fresh flowers add an expensive touch to your shower.

2.  Tissue Pom Away!  Most craft stores sell them 6 in a pack, with a 40% coupon.  Total price for 6 was $3.99.  Instead of hanging them everywhere, find a focal point to really make an impact.

3.  Stage your main space by blocking colors and using pillows.  The colors of the shower (and the mom to be's nursery) was going to be pink and gray.  Since my couches were already gray, this was going to be easy!  Save $$ by sewing pillow case covers and put in your existing pillow inserts.  I didn't have time, so I got these at Homegoods for $14.99 each.  The gray and white ones were from Marshalls for $10 each (2 pack for $19.99)

 4.  She's Getting Ready to Pop!  Use balloons of varying colors to decorate the wall and set up a tub of champagne or non-alcoholic beverages.  With the pop theme, you could serve appetizers like different flavored "pop" corn, pop rocks, fruit pops, etc.

5.  Custom print your water bottles FREE.  Many people think they need to go on Etsy to do this, but I'll give you a free printable if you want.  You can just customize it on powerpoint!

 6.  Gift wrap paper as a Table Runner or other Decor.  I found a lovely pale gray and white Damask Gift wrapping at Homegoods.  $3.99

7.  Get some fun chevron straws.  You'll always have drinks.  Super easy, super cheap.  I see these everywhere but you can get some at Target for $2.  Make a high impact for very little $$$.  These flutes were from IKEA $1.99 each.

 8. Use big vases to make a statement.  From seaside coastal---filled with sand and starfish--- to filled-to-the brim candy assortments, these vases are re-purposed for every event!  In this case, three types of popcorn flavors (caramel, jalapeno and gourmet white cheddar.)

9.  Looks for mugs on sale.  I found these at Giant for $0.25 end of clearance sale.  I bought 25 pink and 25 blue for a day such as this!  Set up a fun coffee bar and these are a hit! Another easy cheap idea is to buy those Chalk Stickers and you can custom each cup with a message or have everyone write their names on theirs.  You would need to soak it off before you put it in the dishwasher.

10.  Use fun prints you can create yourself.  On Powerpoint, you can create pages by inserting clipart.  The polkodot pattern, the elephant, and the fun font (I downloaded fun free fonts from Pinterest) and you can create consistent "branding" to make your shower cohesive and beautiful!  We created several "stations" for the guests.  This one is the Baby Bottom Craft Station where you can write personal messages on newborn diapers to encourage mommy through the first rough weeks!  The 8 x 10 frame is a matted silver from the dollar store. I bought 5 for five stations.

I hope you enjoyed my easy top 10 tips!  If I am anything, it's stylish but cheap!!!  We had one very happy mama below (in blue!).

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