Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Shower for a Princess

It was a labor of love. Many years ago, I said I would throw Michelle (pictured in the center) a beautiful baby shower, as a celebration for her because she had endured two difficult miscarriages...and then finally, she was pregnant for a third time, and got through her first trimester. Well, God continues to be faithful as she's in her 35th week with a baby girl.

So, as you know me well, it was all about the creativity and the details. I recently got into sewing, baking, and crafts - so watch out Adrianna, a website may be coming soon. Check out all the fun I had in creating this baby shower:

I found these on Craigslist for $10 -
your usual brass standard builder chandelier.

Then, I was tickled pink with a can of spray paint for $3.44.

Add some fun embellishments from AC Moore,
with a handy glue gun.

And voila! You can have yourself a room just like this.

Yes.... each of the seat covers were handmade.
(For a DIY lesson on how to make these, see my friend Jen.)
Total cost of fabric for 15 chairs - a whopping $10 dollars.

And I found all my tea china at local thrift stores.
I added Michelle's favorite flowers in a pale pink,
and created a beautiful tablescape.

The tea menu was carefully selected,
and it was DELICIOUS!

The cranberry scones with Devonshire cream and jam, the perfectly pink cupcakes, Russian tea cakes and I went a little nuts (is this any surprise?) and handcrafted the perfect sugar cookies with pearl crystals! But I didn't do it alone, I had a great helper.

Sadly, all that hard work, and no one ate the cookies because they said it was too pretty. Well, I went out of my way to make things as pretty as possible. My new name is O-T-T. As in Over-The-Top. Some might take it as derogatory, but I took it as a compliment. Why would you do anything in life any other way? For you blog followers, I even sewed my own pillows. (Can't see them that well, they are on the white couches. As a side note, if you buy them at the store, it's $19.99 each. My price - 3 pillows for $11.00 - I'm a sewing convert!)

Oh, and the tablecloth below was $5.00 (I got 5 and 1/2 yards on sale!) I'm totally giddy with JoAnn Fabrics and the endless possibilities with fabric. If I had bought table cloths at the store, I would have needed two for $15-20 each.

Everyone had a really nice time. But mostly, I hope Michelle felt cherished, because it was truly given by me and Michelle Grande, with love. Can't wait to meet the princess!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crack 'N Me Up Time

As Daddy is teaching Micah the letter B.
Daddy: Micah, say these B words. Buh-Buh Bee.
Micah: Buh Boy. Baby. Ball. Bottle. Bucket. Camana.
Daddy: No Micah, Banana.
Micah: Okay. Buh. Buh-camana.


When Micah changed from one short sleeve shirt to an identical one, in a different color.
Me: Micah, why did you change shirts?
Micah: Because mom.... (looks at me like I should know the answer) the other shirt was too hot.


When Daddy had ENOUGH of Micah and Caelan crying in the backseat.
Caelan: (Shrieking scream)
Micah: But Daddy, he's not sharing!
Daddy: Don't make me pull this car over! I will be REALLY mad because this is something my dad would say.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ever heard of a Clothes Swap?

My friend, Jessel, and I co-partnered to host a fabulous event called the "It's New to You Party" where you bring clothes in your own closet you are tired of, and swap it out! Someone's else's trash is someone else's treasure. Can I tell you how giddy I was getting these amazingly cute and new-to-me clothes? I probably got nine complete outfits from jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, bracelet, purses-- including this adorable Victoria's Secret purple plush sweat outfit. And the never worn JCREW flip flops too!

Lina made out like a bandit.
Her whole ensemble (except jeans) she got from the Swap!
She left with several big bags.

It was so fun to open my home and have a lot of GIRL FUN!

My basement was transformed to a free
nighttime clothes bazaar.

If the shoes fits, wear it!
(oh my gosh, as a side note--
I got the CUTEST shoes, ever.)

I couldn't sleep that night thinking about all the new clothes I had scored for FREE! Yes, I know we're not supposed to be material, but WHATEVER, I had hit the jackpot. And Patrick was so happy I didn't spend ANY money! Yay, God. Mostly, I met some FABULOUS new gals that I hope to get to know better. We're doing another swap in April at Jaci's house, a new friend....oh... can my heart leap any higher from sheer joy??