Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eggstra Wonderful Neighborhood

Every year that goes by in our neighborhood is a nice reminder of the traditions we started and the community of friends we are building.  I didn't really have a good neighborhood growing up, so to me this is eggstra special.

Especially when my children will look back at their childhood and not remember the house, or the bedroom they had, but how they loved to live here because of all their great friends. 


And not just for my kids, I get one too.  She's fabulous.  My co-planner and I just basically send out evites and put each other's name on it while one sort of takes the lead.  This year, Julie did the Easter Egg Hunt.  I think we had over 500 eggs!

My job was to bring out some tables and serve mimosas for the adults.  Done!

And they were off!


Afterwards, with heads huddled together, they compared and traded loot.

So Egg-errific!

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