Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heaven on his 7th!

Not sure Micah could have experienced heaven on earth in a better way.  His favorite friends doing his favorite activity in the whole world - Art. :)  It made for a really nice time. 

A friend suggested the Art Station in Leesburg.  It was perfect!  No one was there on a Saturday morning and several neighborhood friends and first graders in Micah's class came for that hour of fun.

You could paint canvases (they had stencil you could trace) or you could paint wood objects like trains, planes, jewelry boxes, etc.

And the kids weren't the only one having fun...or in this case concentrating like Picasso.  Caelan is like "Uh Dad, that's Tristan's train."

Afterwards 7 of his besties came back for pizza and cake.  

I was very touched by one of his besties birthday notes to him.

And that night, it turned out we had no food in our fridge (except for cake) so we used a Groupon and had one of our funnest nights out at a Hibachi grill.  Tristan LOVED fire and miso soup and everyone scarfed down their food.

Birthdays are a special time at the Ring family.  Full of celebration and cheer.  We can't believe we're saying happy birthday to a 7 year old (Gosh, we feel old!) but we couldn't be more prouder of who you've become, Micah.  We love you so much.

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