Tuesday, September 30, 2008

T'was the Night Before Baby....

And all through the Ring house, everyone was nesting, including my spouse! As a family, we're about as ready as can be for the arrival of our newest family member. This morning we woke up thinking it's our last day with just Micah, so I brought him over to our bed and we had family cuddle time. None of us said anything and surprisingly, as if he knew, Micah just laid there and let us sandwich him. We've prepared Micah with books about having a little brother, who will, by the way, have a gift for Micah when he arrives at the hospital to ensure instant likeability! Some good advice given by some very clever moms!

I thought Patrick might be freaking out right about now, but he's calmly been doing things around the house that I've asked him to do without any objections and last night, he was reading "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson. It's awesome that he's so serious about his role as a father, and I couldn't admire him more for doing what he feels is God's priority in his life.

Me? Well, this morning I had my last ultrasound (baby is 7lbs 9 ozs - plus or minus a pound) and also to my surprise, I am already 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. You men need to ask your wife or mom what that means! The doctor said I may go before tomorrow!

I did get a chance to go to Starbucks this foggy morning, order my last caramel macchiato (do not fret it was half-caf!) and I stared out the window and wondered if I was ever going to have this quiet solace again. I reveled in it until my thoughts drifted to an Asian woman walking in who was dressed in a crisp white shirt, Ann Taylor slacks, 4-inch heels, power-red lipstick and her power accessories - I'm referring to the bluetooth and PDA, and she didn't have to call out her order, because the Starbucks dude had already memorized it. I thought "Wow, was that me not too long ago? Would I ever be that girl again? Would I ever want to be?" How things have changed.

A stark contrast to her life, I can proudly say I just finished washing the sheets to the Moses Basket and every bib, swaddle, and onesie, has been washed and put away. Every closet is clean, and even the storage room is in its best shape. My hospital bag is packed. My mom is ready to spend the next three weeks helping with Micah and meals. We are ready. So, how come I feel so anxious?

Maybe because my world will irrevocably be turned upside down in the coming months...uh 18 years. There are just some things you can't be ready for. The transition of a permanent new family member in your life is one of them. Perhaps it also feels so planned, and so unnatural with a scheduled induction. No rushing to the hospital in the wee hours of the night, with contractions and labored breathing like last time. Patrick says this week will be like buying a new baby. Tuesday night, we don't have one. And Wednesday morning we can bring one home. It's all very surreal. But given my condition, I am praising God for the technologies, that if we didn't have them, my baby's life would surely have been in danger. I've had ultrasounds every three days for the last month and they have monitored me very closely. So far, everything looks good. There's still always a chance (even a day before the induction) of a sudden stillbirth, but this whole time I've been trusting and praying in God's sovereignty and whatever the outcome, I have a promise that He'll be with me!

Please keep us in your prayers, especially tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'll be up all night (nothing unusual) trying to figure out how Micah will sleep through the crying, how I'll survive around -the-clock nursing, and if Pitocin makes everything go fast and furious and if I'll have missed the window to get any pain meds (I can not even go there!) But mostly, I'll be wondering what his little face will look like, and the euphoria I'll experience when I meet him for the first time? I'll let you know the answers to all these questions and more in the next blog! Pray for us!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Top Five Cutest Moments (just in September!)

  1. Cute moment was when both of my boys wore the same thing on the same day. How could I not get a picture of this?
  2. When his dad says to him, "Micah, your new haircut looks really sharp." Micah puts his hand on his head and looks at him strangely and says, "Ow-ie!"
  3. Micah is trying to get his dad's attention and calls up to him upstairs from the main level. After several screams of "Daddy!" with no response, he yells loudly, "Honey? Honey!" (in the same intonation as Mommy might I add. Clever boy!)
  4. Another endearing moment is when his inseparable Bunny performs "Wheels on the bus" and Micah takes Bunny's little arms and makes it "go round and round"....
  5. When I point to the belly and ask Micah, "What's baby's name?" He comes up and gives my big belly a hug and says (baby's name) with crystal clarity. So sweet! (Did you really think I'd give away the winner of the vote so soon?)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should I stay or should I go?

This is the question. It's 2:57 a.m. and I can't figure out if these labor pains are the real thing. This has been going on for an hour and the contractions are quite intense at about five minutes apart. Some are 15 seconds long, while others a minute. The conundrum is if I go to the hospital, will the contractions stop and I'll be sent home and if I don't go, will I have this baby on the bathroom floor in an hour? Tough call. I'm five minutes away, so maybe I'll just wait until I can't seem to blog through the pain. The sacrifices I make for this blog. :)

The good news is this nightly dilemma does have an end in sight. I get induced in less than one week. I can't believe it. God willing, I will meet our son on Wednesday, October 1st. This will be the longest week of my life. I can hardly stand it (um...literally!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What sound does a ______ make?

If you read the earlier blog, Micah refers to himself as "you" and we wanted to make sure we got it on camera, but we also got a whole host of fun sounds he knows how to make. Have fun watching!

Good night Son, Good Night Moon, Goodnight!

Maybe I'm taking this nesting thing a little too far by trying to get EVERYTHING done before the baby comes. I dragged Micah on this particular morning to Costco, Babies R Us, and now Target. Poor little lamb decided he had enough, laid right down and fell right asleep on the floor! Too precious.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Making the Baby Band - Not Rated and Micah's Kaboom!

To start off our blog, you need to see our fun baby expressing himself. The video on the left is Micah shaking what the Lord gave him, with his friend Liam, who is making a joyful noise! The video on the right is Micah doing what we call "kaboom" - he started this months ago, but we finally caught it on video. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Joy and Delight

Welcome to our new blog site! While I'd like to say I chose this site because it's a wonderful, creative interface, the real truth is I'm a cheapskate --the site is free! Those of you who know me well, know that I LOVE all things free! Please bookmark it and visit often so you can watch our little boy, soon to be boys, grow up before your eyes. And I encourage you to relieve any boredom you may have by reading one of many of our parental mishaps as new parents!

So, we're about
9 months pregnant with our second son, who by the way we still do NOT have a name for (see survey on the right), and are enjoying our last few exclusive weeks with our precious Micah, who is now 22 months. He is our delight. We both feel that out of all of our accomplishments, he is clearly the best one we've ever had! Nothing compares to the gift of being his mom and dad. No longer our little baby, he proves it daily with his recent language explosion (who knew he was listening all this time?) and his daily "ow-ies" he gets on his knees and elbows. We are on a 3-week consistent streak of having new bumps, scratches and scars and I fear it will not let up for quite some time!
There are so many fun stories that I'd love to share, but Patrick and I are convinced that the only people who really think it's awe-inspiring are us. But I will share one "funny." It makes us smile every time, but he currently refers to himself as "You". That seems strange, but it started when he was naming everyone he knows on our digital frame. Pictures would flash of "thama" (Grandma) and Paw-Paw (Grandpa) or Mommy, Daddy, but when a picture of just him would flash, we would ask, "Micah, who's that?" When he didn't respond, we would say, "That's you." So now months later, when he sees a family picture, he would point and say "Mommy, Daddy" and point to himself and loudly say, "YOU!" Too cute!

Baby Boy Ring Arriving Sooner!

Well, it looks like we could be moving Micah to his new fire engine toddler bedroom in a couple of weeks when we welcome the newest addition to the Ring family. The sudden news that our son may come into the world sooner is making Patrick hyperventilate! About a month ago, I experienced some complications in my pregnancy that the doctors think I will need to be induced no later than 38 weeks. I am at about 35 weeks now. Frankly, I'm ready to have this baby this second as one of my newest issues is a pregnancy-related sciatica which has immobilized me today. I mean I literally could not take a step forward! Through the torrential downpours (thank you Hannah) we had to get our chiropractor to meet me on a Saturday morning to help alleviate some of this pain. Yes, I am ready to give birth NOW!! This is one of several "fun" issues I've been dealing with in this last trimester. I have been praying quite a bit (not on my knees though, because I kid you not I would never get up!) that the Lord would heal me quickly of these issues. But pain in the rear or not, at the end of the pregnancy rainbow, a sweet little baby is the pot of gold! Thank you Lord Jesus.