Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

It was a good week for Micah and Caelan as they spent a full week at Reston Bible's Kids Camp.  This year, our neighbors joined us as well.  When I asked Tristan (our neighbor, not my Tristan) and Cassandra, his sister, how the week was, they said "Awesome!"

This year's theme was the Rock.  Caelan was singing the songs all week long.

They hosted 500 kids this year.  What an amazing initiative.  So proud to be a part of this church that loves up on and cares for the kids in our community!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Days of Summer --June Kickoff

I thought I'd have a lot more pictures of the pool and lazy summer days to post, but it's been a bit rainy around here....but we did make it out to a minor league baseball game for Father's Day, a very fun surprise for Patrick.  He was giddy when he found out we'd spend a lazy Sunday with his kids and dear friends, Karen & Michael, at the ball park!

It was hard to keep them engaged for 9 innings, but they were all watching here!

After Micah's last day of school on June 6th---which by the way--this blog needs to record that Micah is the fastest kindergartener.  They had several races on Field Day, and he kept moving to the finals and beat everyone!  Who knew that we had a son who could run that fast?? So proud!

And he's not the only one picking up speed.  I mean Patrick and I have insane.  Literally.  We are on Day 8 of the Insanity workout and we're feeling good....every morning for 6 days week... a high intensity interval training for 60 days.  Woot!  Woot!

So far, even though we've felt the need to---we haven't yet thrown up after the workout.  That's an accomplishment!  I have been pretty busy lately too as I've taken my first stab at doing design work.  Of course, I have to start with a few fresh updates to my own home. :-)

My first client is a 3-year old boy's room.  Here is a BEFORE shot as we're starting the paint work.  I'll show you an AFTER when it's done.   The client  wanted a soccer theme with a lot of color.  I am having so much fun!  I'm recommending everything from the paint on the walls, to furniture, to window treatments.  We're going to have a feature wall, some DIY furniture painting -- it's going to be FABULOUS!


The client already bought this Pottery Barn bedding called "Owen" so from there I had to use that as my jumping point.

 Here's my design board or inspiration board!
We also got a chance to drive to Richmond for a day (thank you mom for watching the boys!)  and celebrate my friend of 22 years, Ann.  She was so happy to see me that she made a beeline in the middle of her husband's mother/son dance and started crying uncontrollably.  It was so touching, and I was so glad that we could be there!


As far as other fun things go, the boys got to go to Bluemont and do the Great Country Farms.  It was a birthday celebration and as always, so much fun!

The weather is starting to clear up this week so we will probably be hitting the pool.  Micah has asked for a day at the arcade (like Chuck E cheese) and Caelan has asked for a waterpark.  Next week, they're in Vacation Bible School which should be a blast.  Our summer is kicking off to a good start!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Now might be a good time to sit back and marvel at the fact that even though we had infertility issues and then prenatal issues that these three beautiful children were born to us, at about two years apart.  I think I'm the one that can plan well, but God is the best event planner---ever.

What a marvelous wonder.  Feeling humbled and deeply, deeply grateful.


Every day just goes so fast.  They are getting so big.  Just praising God for His gifts and there are days that can be really tough and at times, I can I lose my joy, but I am reminded that they are given to me as a treasure and I don't want to ever throw back at God His precious gifts to me!!!