Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 3 Month Birthday Tristan!

April 28th seemed like yesterday, and we can hardly believe that 3 months has gone by. Now the reflux pain has been managed, baby Tristan is truly enjoyable! Happy sweet Birthday my little boy!!!!

Despite the serious face, he smiles a lot when you smile at him. He's trying to talk too. He talks a lot more with daddy than he does with me, but I'm not bitter. We cuddle and give each other googly eyes all day long. I am in love with my three month old! And so are his brothers....

For some reason, I remember to document this celebration for all my kids. Here's baby Micah at three months:

And baby Caelan....

And now Tristan...

Oh, the stuff that life is made of. Thank you Lord for the gift of these little men!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New to the Neighborhood

We enjoyed our time at Algonkian Park on the Potomac (pictures from previous post) and now we're checking out our new pools. We belong to a community where the HOA is $57 a month (woo hoo!) and with it is our membership to 5 pools and 2 gyms. So far, we've only been to 2 out of 5 pools.

Power Rangers Weapons
and Aquatic Training

Daddy as my float

Caelan after he chokes up a ton of water...just laughs!

Daddy meets us weeknights at the pool for dinner.

Also about 5 minutes away from us is Reston Bible Church.
That's where Micah went to VBS this week!

Last Sunday night, we invited new neighbors for our first neighborhood social at our home. Micah and Caelan have two new friends Kellan and Carson. Julie and Scott, their parents, are a great couple we hope to get to know better. The kids are making calls and planning their playdates with their new friends.

And lastly....we're still trying to fix up our new home.
I don't have one finished picture in any room to show you.
So, here's a work in progress picture:


Unfortunately, I've been using my iphone for most pictures so they don't do the room justice. But, we updated the walls with a fresher and lighter paint and brightened up the ceiling with bright white and had installed eight recessed lights. We removed blinds to let the sunlight and the wooded view in, and cleaned up the trim work around the fireplace, windows and baseboards with a bright white. The room looks lighter, cleaner and taller! Now for some soft drapes, artwork, an area rug and accessories, the room will be complete. Um...that might be until Christmas, but it WILL be complete! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boys will be boys

Well, we decided that we had enough of doing house every weekend....

....The boys wanted to go out and have fun!

So we headed to a beautiful park within
walking distance from our new home.

The boys went on a nature walk.

Add caption
Climbed trees.

So did Tristan!

It was a beautiful day and so fun for the brothers.

So fun that Tristan actually looked a little tired.
Could this be??

Not a chance. He was ready for his usual fiesta.
He tells you when and where....

And 4 a.m. and 6:30 a.m....the party never ends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rings, what have you been up to?

We've been pretty crazy around here. From Father's Day which was a blur (ha ha...get it, blurry picture)...

to yesterday's Fourth of July Celebration at the Waterpark and dinner with our small group family.....

My attempt at making patriotic watermelon.

....and Tristan in his Independence Day outfit!

And to everything in between.....Now that we're past the paint job gone bad, we've been unpacking, unpacking and um...unpacking. We've made a couple trips to IKEA and have been shopping for furniture, lighting, accessories.

Great find: Marshalls $109.00

Patrick has been hard at work upholstering and me....
I can't wait to show you what I've been up to.
Magic words: Craigslist and Super Finds! with a newborn and new house. Wow.
These are the times you'll remember the most.
How are the kids? The kids are adjusting.

Look at the face of fully adjusted kids.

Don't let them fool you.
They're still clowns.

But seriously, all of it has been a whirlwind. For the blog, I need to report that we've had no hot water, Sears guy has come out three times, we've installed a new $700 toilet because it would have cost $325 to repair a 20-year old one, and the boys have been bit by spiders at night. Stressful at many points, but exciting none the less. Mostly, in this time of survival.....we're just exhausted.

Little Tristan still has reflux issues, so pray this little guy and his parents can get some relief at nights. Patrick has been absolutely amazing with trying to get up and help me and also do all the stuff that needs to get done in the house. We're a solidified team and I can't imagine doing all this without him.

Next week's goal: No house stuff and just some fun with the boys. More to report later.....I'm going to try to blog more...