Monday, August 9, 2010

Volcano Island Park

One suggestion to add to our "Things to do with kids" list was the Volcano Island Water Park in Sterling. When you walk in, you already feel like you're going to the tropics!

Their main attraction is that blue bucket that fills up to overflowing and then the sirens starts to sound and everyone underneath this thing gets completely and utterly soaked. Note: If you have a 1 -year-old, who hears the imminent danger noises, it can be a little scary.

Overall, it's very kid-friendly. Slides for Caelan...

And slides for daddy, too!

They also had mini-buckets that dunk water,
which Micah sat under and waited,
as well as fountains that shoot from the ground.

The Lauers joined for us a day of fun.
They lives 3 minutes away from the park.

When Caelan got tired, he wanted "up" from daddy.
The boys lasted about 2.5 hours
So, if you go after 4 p.m. weekdays, it's only $5.00.

When Micah got tired,
he sat by the beach and just watched.

If you're hungry, they also have a little food shop you can order a whole pizza, and a notable area is a fun sand pit in the shade. Perfect for toddlers. Excellent value. Close & cheap. Ten minutes away. The price for the whole family on a Saturday, was under $25.00.

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