Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - No Cabin Fever! Yogi Bear Luray

This spring break we wanted to squeeze in one more year of enjoying Yogi Bear Campgrounds before we started to venture out in the world of Disney and other BIG spring break trips.  Here's the top highlights from our two part trip to the Cabins!  Part 1....

Nestled on a hill were two "skyline cabins" and home to the Manns and the Rings.   The boys would just run in the woods most of the time.

Most of our days were at the campgrounds, but we did take two excursions.  One day we on a beautiful hike in the Shenandoah State Park.  It was 2.8 Miles for the hike.  And we summited!  So proud of these boys!

Another excursion was to the Luray Rescue Zoo.  


OMG.  Those cheeks!

For those that have asked me about Luray and what the campgrounds are like----here's my top 10 highlights!  (note: we didn't even do everything that was there to do!)

#1 Jumping Pillow.  We'd do one thing, then jumping pillow.  Go do something else.  Then jumping pillow. Not bad for a bunch of old gals!

2.  Putt Putt & Paddle Boats!  


3.  Fishing for the boys & Corn Holes for the dads


4.  Yogi Bear Movie & Coloring Time (note: the Mann boys have never seen a Yogi cartoon and why would they?)

5.  Gem Mining & Easter Egg Hunts.  You know I was so surprised at how much the boys really enjoyed finding the gems and then figuring out which ones they were on this chart.  I don't know, I think we might have some future geologists in the fam!

6.  For lunch, we'd come back and feast! On our amazing golf carts.  These things were so much fun!

7.  Then our evenings would wrap up with boys making fire & Smores.  


8.  But not before one of our families would make a scrumptious dinner.

 9.  And the cozy cabin would quiet down and the boys would be lulled to sleep by the sound of the woods!  It's bedtime & books in bunks!

10.  And the parents would bring out the wine and catch up.  Mommy & daddy time! 

We'd start again the same plan the next day.....with yummy breakfast!  Daddy made mile-high waffles!

They will remember this forever.  But there's onto part 2 of our post!
No cabin fever.

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