Wednesday, March 25, 2015

....And we all FALL down!

(For those that missed the last post....I am retro-blogging -- going back to the seasons I missed!)

It was a September to remember.  In general, remembrance is a good thing.  It takes you back to learn and puts your heart in the correct place---- overflowing with thankfulness.  We remember being excited and feeling a sense of exhilaration of what was to come.  It's so good to remember the zeal and remember our passion!

My middle child begins a new phase in his life.  He just absolutely LOVED kindergarten.  Oh that face.

Micah wasn't really enjoying 2nd grade at first, but wow something has happened....prayers answered...he loves what he's learning and he's really thriving!

This cutie couple below celebrated their 11th year anniversary.  I could do a whole blog post about this but being married to this man just keeps getting better.  When there's honesty, trustworthiness, safety and freedom - it's the kind of purity in a marriage that the deepest kinds of passion can flow.  Praising God!

In contrast, here's this young couple that didn't know each other at all.  At all, at all.  I cringe a little bit for them when I see them in remembrance, but I wouldn't change their journey for what is to come is so much better than both of them could have imagined.

For Patrick who is a faithful and strong leader, our Shepherd Group family all returned minus one couple and 1/2 partner and we began another very good year.  It's hard to believe that from September to now, so much has happened with the growth of this group and how we are really acting like a family.

I had a several speaking engagements in the fall, but probably the most exciting time was launching our first mom's connection meeting.  In hindsight, I remember a very clear calling and excitement and this was what the Lord was doing - building His church.   This was my 2nd year leading and I built up a new team, new goals, new vision and it was really fun to watch the Lord work.  In every aspect, I feel like we got better and we also doubled in size for our ministry!

Hmmhh....maybe waiting to blog is not a bad idea.  I find myself being GRATEFUL and HUMBLED by the gifts.  Some times we can go on cruise control and through the motions and not stop and realize all we've been given, all we've been through, and how the whole way-----God has been at work (John 5:17) and He just doesn't let up---for our good.  You just want to fall down in thankfulness.

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