Sunday, September 21, 2014

Charleston Family Vacation - The Review - Part 2 of 2

6.  Battery Park

The famous battery park with the "rainbow row" houses seen in the first picture is an icon for Charleston.  There is so much history here, but the kids - well they enjoyed climbing it....the trees...and dads....and canons!

7.  The Charleston Acquarium

This is the entrance to the acquarium where you get a few of the famous S.R. Ravenel bridge (another Charleston icon).  The acquarium was expensive even with coupons, but our kids LOVE to do this in every city. It was neat to see it from Tristan's eyes.

Lots of interactive stuff.

I made a friend.

8.  Waterfront Park

It was about 90 degrees that day so the fountain was a welcome respite.  Ninja Tristan and his brothers couldn't get enough.  There's also the pineapple fountain (another major icon).  

9.  Southern Food and Waterfront Dining and Sunset on the Marsh

There's something very intoxicating about Charleston's palm trees and marshes.  But the food is really different too.  Fried shrimp on grits, fried okra, and chicken and waffles together?  Yum!

Shem Creek has some really nice waterfront restaurants.

10.  Carriage Rides & Charleston Market

I included this as #10 because well....Charleston is known for the carriage rides through town, but we opted to NOT do it.  It was so hot that morning and we know OUR kids, but your kids might really enjoy the tour.  We saw the city market and walked around town.  

There's a sarcasm about Charleston that was funny.

Since #10 was so uneventful, I need to include that the best part of this day was visiting with my dear friend Jennifer and seeing her new family! 

Overall, I would highly recommend staying at the Isle of Palms because the beach was the highlight, but we thought Charleston something for everyone: kid fun, history and food for mom, and destroyers for dad.   Most of our days looked like this!

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